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Request a free doggie waste bag canister and/or give one to a friend. You only have to take one step and fill out this form.


With your commitment and support, we can exceed our goal to give out 3,500 free doggie waste bags!


What’s the Stink About?

Leaving dog waste on the ground can potentially cause all sorts of problems, including:

    • Harm to you and your pet’s health
    • Negative impact on the quality of our waterways from stormwater pollution
    • Dirty looks from your neighbors. After all, who wants to accidentally step on stinky pet waste?
    • Bad for the aquatic life that are being exposed to the bacteria in our rivers and ocean

Tips for Dog Owners

Washing pets

If possible, bathe your pets indoors, using less toxic shampoos, or have your pet professionally groomed. Pet shampoos and soaps, even those that are biodegradable, can be toxic to people and marine life.

Flea control

Consider using alternatives such as oral or topical flea control products. If you use flea control products such as shampoos, sprays or collars, make sure to dispose of unused quantities safely and properly.