Cooking Oil Recycling

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Got Cooking Oil? Recycle it!

Recycle your leftover liquid cooking oil to avoid the hassle of dealing with clogged pipes and other sewer problems.

Follow these simple steps to recycle your cooking oil:

  1. COOL oil to a safe temperature and filter it to remove food particles
  2. POUR oil into a jar or plastic container with a tight fitting lid
  3. TAKE the oil to your nearest HHW collection center

Accepted Items

  • Cooking Oils – vegetable, corn, peanut, sunflower, canola, olive, soybean, flaxseed, or any combination of edible cooking oils
  • Oils and fats can be mixed in a single container

Items Not Accepted

Water, food sauces, gravies, large amounts of food particles, plastic, paper, motor oil, fuels, chemicals, and detergents should not be mixed with the waste cooking oils.

Cooking Oil

Did you know?

Recycled cooking oil is used to produce alternative fuels such as biodiesel, which is better for the environment.