Which Waste Bag is the Best Walking Buddy?

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Which Waste Bag is the Best Walking Buddy?

If you have a dog, you’re familiar with walks, and you’re probably also familiar with what happens on these walks. Picking up your dog’s poop may not seem like a big deal, but this simple action keeps everyone happy – your neighbors, passing pedestrians, your dog (by not getting a bad reputation for being the pooper of the neighborhood!), and our environment. Dog poop contains pathogenic bacteria and other parasites that can contribute to pollution through our waterways when left on the ground.

There are a variety of options for picking after your dog, but which one is really the best for the environment?

PLASTIC BAGS: Plastic bags are always a convenient option. They’re easily accessible and get the job done. However, when thrown away in the trash, plastic bags may sit in a landfill for years because of the slow rate at which they decompose.

ECO-FRIENDLY BAGS: Biodegradable bags poop bags are designed to degrade quickly and safely in the trash. (Just make sure that the company meets the standards for biodegradability for their bags!). Compostable poop bags are another great earth-friendly option but may be more expensive and harder to find.

THE BAG THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS! Whether a regular plastic bag or an eco-friendly alternative, in the end, the best option is always the one that you can afford and access easily. The most important thing is to make sure to attach your canister or bags to your leash so you don’t forget it when you need it!

So remember, no matter what option you choose, the most important thing is to simply pick up after your dog. If you’re in need of a new canister or simply a bag refill, you can request a free one from us here.

Happy trails!

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