High-Quality Gardening Tips for a Low-Chemical Yard

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High-Quality Gardening Tips for a Low-Chemical Yard

There are many simple actions you can take to maintain a beautiful eco-friendly garden that complements California’s natural landscape. Below you will find our favorite recommendations. Happy gardening!

  • Recycle Yard Waste

    • Grasscycling can help promote nutrient cycling in your garden. Try leaving clippings from mowing in place!
    • Do not blow, sweep, rake, or hose yard waste into the street or catch basin as they can discharge to our storm drains.
  • Use Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fertilizers Safely

    • These toxic chemicals can be carried in the storm drain system via sprinkler runoff – try using natural or non-toxic alternatives!
    • Spot apply rather than blanket an entire area.
  • Be Water Wise

    • Control the amount of water and direction of sprinklers where they can be most effective.
    • Inspect and fix leaks and realign sprinkler heads when needed.

We’ve created a helpful guide that you can refer to for minimizing water pollution while landscaping and maintaining your gardens. To download the PDF, click here.

Have any other gardening tips you’d like to share? Comment below!

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