Celebrating National Good Neighbor Day in San Bernardino County

//Celebrating National Good Neighbor Day in San Bernardino County

Celebrating National Good Neighbor Day in San Bernardino County

We at San Bernardino County Stormwater are excited to kick off September by telling you about National Good Neighbor Day coming up on September 28. There are many ways to be a good neighbor and we wanted to highlight three of them below.

Get to know your neighbors  

Being a good neighbor starts by getting to know the neighbors in your community. Take the time to talk to a fellow neighbor on your walk, or check out a local event on our event calendar. You might even see us there – be sure to stop by and get some resources!

Share resources with your neighbors

One benefit of having close relationships in your community is that it helps you to be in the know about resources that your city has to offer. Let your neighbors know about local household hazardous waste collection centers and how to properly dispose of toxic items used around your home. Most collection centers are open on Saturdays. So, you could even stop by one with a neighbor on Good Neighbor Day to drop off waste. 

Participate in activities to keep your neighborhood clean

As we share the same environment as our neighbors, we share a similar incentive to keeping it clean. One way to be a good neighbor is to always pick up after your pet. Not only is pet waste bad for our local waters, but no one likes seeing or stepping in dog doo on their stroll around the block. If you are feeling extra good, you can even go so far as cleaning up litter around your neighborhood. 

What actions do you take to be a good neighbor in your neighborhood? Send us your stories and we would love to feature you on our blog in the future.

See you again in October!


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