It’s a Family Affair! Meet Our November Champions: Ashley and Her Uncle Jimmy

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It’s a Family Affair! Meet Our November Champions: Ashley and Her Uncle Jimmy

Community Champions: Ashley AriHere at the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program, we love meeting our incredible SBC residents who are making a huge difference in their community. 

We’re excited to introduce Ashley Arizaga and Jimmy Yee, an uncle-niece duo from Chino Hills that we met at this month’s Bark Around Ayala Park event. A recent college graduate, Ashley told us that she began to be more environmentally conscious during her time in college, away from home. She credits her uncle for setting a good example in her home. 

Her uncle Jimmy often goes around the house collecting household hazardous waste and encourages the rest of the family to do the same. After the bin with the toxic products is full, he takes it to their local collection center in Chino. 

Similarly, Ashley found that she also enjoyed encouraging her roommates in college to make more eco-friendly choices. She led by example by: 

Using reusable bags at the grocery store
Always picking up after her dog’s waste
Taking her own cup when she went to Starbucks, and
Refilling her Hydro Flask instead of using plastic water bottles.

To encourage her roommates, she liked to remind them that if they spent a few minutes putting recyclables in a bin, it would allow them to have extra money to do more fun activities together. 


She admits that it can be hard to always make eco-friendly decisions; however, she tells us that “it’s the little things that make a bigger difference. Even though we don’t see it…It will make a difference.”

Girl holding a reusable cup to your local coffee shop

Ashley’s uncle Jimmy shares similar thoughts and agrees that it may seem overwhelming to get started on recycling efforts. He advises beginners to do research before getting started. He says, “If you don’t know where to start, you can always do it online. San Bernardino County has a website about recycling… you can read and educate yourself.”

Together, their family is making a commitment to limit their waste this holiday season by:

Packing up food in reusable containers
Doing an inventory of their pantry to avoid buying excess food
Using reusable bags every time they go shopping to avoid buying plastic bags

Chatting with Ashley and Jimmy was a big highlight for us this month and we are thankful to this duo for being proactive community champions and doing their best to keep our county clean. 

With the holidays coming up, we are entering the season for lots of time with family and friends. Is there a community champion in your family or friend group who does great work? Let us know by filling out this form. We would love to get in contact with them! 


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