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While we all know that driving contributes to air pollution through carbon emissions, it is important to realize that typical car maintenance has the ability to enter the storm drain system, mixing water runoff with automotive toxins like oil, grease and… READ MORE

See why picking up after your pooch is vital to the health of our neighborhoods and waterways. Leaving dog waste on the ground can potentially cause all sorts of problems, including…READ MORE

Your contributions make a difference in the way you maintain your lawn. Learn how to truly be a “green” thumb and prevent stormwater pollution. Follow these tips for a healthy garden… READ MORE

Take your toxic household materials like motor oil and oil filters, anti-freeze, paints, solvents, cleaners and old batteries to one of the nine permanent collection facilities, offering free drop-off service and safe disposal of your unwanted chemicals… READ MORE
Swimming pools and hot tubs are enjoyable and also popular in SBC, but they must be maintained properly to ensure that harsh pool chemicals aren’t allowed to enter the street… READ MORE

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