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Swimming pools and hot tubs are enjoyable and also popular in SBC, but they must be maintained properly to ensure that harsh pool chemicals aren’t allowed to enter the street!

If yours is not treated through the sanitation system, follow these simple tips for proper disposal of hot tub and pool water:

  • De-chlorinate – Chlorine naturally dissipates over time and should be completely gone if the water is left standing for 3-5 days. Use a pool testing kit prior to discharge to ensure the concentration of chlorine is zero.
  • Check pH – determine the pH of the pool water before discharge on your own or ask your pool maintenance company to check it for you. It should be between 6.5 and 8.5.

  • Free and clear – Make certain the water is free of any discoloration, dirt or algae.
  • Use your grass – When discharging to a grassy area, the flow should be controlled so it doesn’t cause any erosion problems or enter a neighbor’s property.

Don’t Know Where It Goes?

Many pools are plumbed to discharge directly to the sanitary sewer but call your plumber or pool maintenance company if you are unsure.

Be sure to also read this article to learn about the plumbing system and healthy balance of chemicals in your pool.


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