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The Stormwater Program has partnered with the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District and Cucamonga Valley Water District around school outreach.

Inland Empire Resource Conservation District Conservation Education Programs

The Inland Empire Resource Conservation District (IERCD) offers FREE environmental education programs to schools and community groups with the District’s service area. All programs are approximately 45 minutes long, are consistent with Science Content Standards for California Public Schools, and will be presented in your classroom or facility by an experienced member of the IERCD education department. Program content can be modified for students in grades K-8th. Visit the IERCD website for additional information.

Cucamonga Valley Water District Environmental Learning Center and Garden

The Cucamonga Valley Water District, in partnership with the City of Rancho Cucamonga, has developed the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) to provide students with a water and environmental education field trip opportunity. The ELC offers 1st through 6th grade students an opportunity to learn about water and environmental issues through hands-on activities. The ELC is designed to be utilized by educators to help meet the State of California science education standards and the Education and Environmental Initiative principles and concepts. Visits to the Learning Center and Garden are free for students in the Cucamonga Valley Water District service area. Schools are responsible for the cost of transportation. Visit the CVWD website for additional information.


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